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Три ступеньки к мечте

Видеоролик о линейке подготовительных пуантов для детей «Три ступеньки к мечте». В съемках приняли участие ученицы Русской национальной балетной школы Илзе Лиепа.

Three steps to a dream

An amazing video about Grishko preparatory pointe shoes called «Three steps to a dream». This line includes 3 models: «Exam», «Alice» & «Novice», which help children’s feet to adapt gradually, step by step, without pain.

Grishko at Danzainfiera 2017

From February 25th to 28th, 2016, the Grishko Сompany took part in Danzainfiera in Florence, Italy. It is the biggest international dance fair event dedicated to dance retailers, schools, companies and dancers.

About leggings from "Artem Ovcharenko" collection by Grishko

The Bolshoi Theatre principal dancer Artem Ovcharenko is a very versatile personality. He dances Lensky in «Onegin», Basilio in «Don Quixote», Pechorin in «A Hero of Our Time» and other ballet performances, also he plays in movies, creates profession